What does RHL do?

Realise Health Limited (RHL) is the Local Improvement Finance Trust for north east Essex. It works in partnership with NHS England, NHS Property Services, Community Health Partnerships Limited and the local Clinical Commissioning Groups to provide improved healthcare facilities in north east Essex.

RHL was established in 2004 under the previous Government's LIFT (Local Improvement Finance Trust) programme, a 25 year public private partnership specifically set up to provide modern, purpose-built facilities within the Borough of Colchester and District of Tendring local communities.

The RHL corporate shareholders include the John Laing Infrastructure Fund and Community Health Partnerships (CHP).

RHL still operates under the governance of a Strategic Partnering Board (SPB), and in accordance with objectives set out in the Strategic Service Development Plan (SSDP), a legal document that describes the framework within which Realise Health carry out their function.  Revisions to the SSDP were made and approved by the SPB in January 2012.

RHL continues to offer a wide range of value for money partnering services under one umbrella not only to all contractual partners, but also to similar organisations beyond its original boundaries.  RHL has the experience and expertise to deliver efficiencies and savings in the provision of services and management of estates, through its own in-house resource and an extensive supply chain.

Realise Health Limited is managed by Imagile Group. Please contact or


Registered Office: Broad Quay House, Prince Street, Bristol. BS1 4DJ

Telephone:+44 (0)20 3405 1300 Email or